Saturday, December 9, 2017

Stitching again

I haven´t been able to focus enough to read for some reason.  I have read a lot for almost this entire year and then suddenly I can´t concentrate.  I even tried audio books.  I listened to an audio book in November and it took me so long to get through the book.  I just keep losing track of where I am.  I have been trying to read a book now and I just can´t take it in.  

My husband told me one day in early November that on of his co-workers had a baby and he wanted me to make them a baby blanket.  I asked him what colors and the father said ¨Green Bay Packer colors.¨  I wanted to crochet something so I could get it done faster since the baby was already born.  My husband picked out the pattern. I had a really hard time finding sport weight yarn for it in those dark colors.  I ended up ordering Shine Sport from  I finished it pretty quickly and I´m surprised my brain let me focus on it. It was a pretty easy pattern and all I had to think about was carrying the 2nd color and making sure it didn´t show or look bad.  

Wee Irish Chain

I am trying to get back to writing to my penpals but so far I´ve only sent out a few letters and cards.  I´m trying though.  It will just take me a bit to get around to everyone. My days are short since I have been sleeping so much.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I´m still here

I finally got over my nasty sinus infection and have restarted my Humira injections and the Methotrexate.  It has been over 2 weeks but so far I haven´t felt any relief from my pain.  I´ve been spending a lot of time in my bed because the pain in my hips and lower back is just too much to move around much.  Sometimes I wake up in pain and can´t get comfortable so I can get back to sleep.  Now my sleeping schedule is getting turned around again.  I´ve been sleeping till 1 pm or so.  We have been having cold weather and snow so that also flares up my pain. 

My husband was very sweet and helped me with my closet. I had a small dresser in my closet because my room is too small to have a dresser outside my closet.  It wasn´t constructed very well and didn´t have that support in the drawers that keeps them straight when you pull them out.  The drawers would get crooked and then stick.  I am so weak because of the pain in my joints that I couldn´t get to my clothes or put them away without a lot of frustrations and pain.  My husband went to Lowes and bought a closet organizer with drawers that glide with ease.  It also has divides on side of my closet in two so I have a long shelf in the middle with a clothes rode above and below.  The long shelf at the top got raised so no way can I reach it now but my seasonal clothes can go up there and my husband can get them down for me when needed. 

I went through my closet (very, very slowly) and pulled out a bunch of things to donate or toss.  Now I have a nice organized closet with a place for everything.  It really feels good.

I´ve been reading a lot whenever I was awake in bed.  I´m finishing up the books on my Halloween reading list now and then I´ll be ready for my next project.  I´m working on Genealogy and I want to learn more about Colonial America.  I´m working on my list for that now and have two books on the way.

I haven´t gotten back to my penpals yet but I haven´t forgotten about anyone.  I just can´t write very well with the pain in my hands.  Typing doesn´t feel so great either so I´ll call this finished.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Super sick

I haven´t posted in a long time and that is because I´ve been super sick and in really bad pain for most of the summer.  I try not to dwell on it but it really gets difficult.  I went to my Rheumatologist in June and I was in horrible pain then.  He got my lab results about a month before that and they showed my liver enzymes were elevated.  He decreased my dose of Methotrexate and after a month they were almost back to normal.  The problem is my pain was higher than ever.  He decided to start me on Humira injections but it took forever to get that going and be able to start taking it.  I hate needles and my husband has to do it for me.  They did start helping but the very same day I noticed a decrease in my pain I got sick.  My whole family got this horrible stomach Flu. It was one of those bugs that just doesn´t want to go away.  I ended up getting sinusitis and then a really bad sinus infection.  The first round of antibiotics didn´t work and it got even worse.  The doctor was really surprised when he looked.  He started me on a different antibiotic for 2 weeks and it is sloooowwwly improving or more like shrinking.  I think the sinusitis is improving faster.  It is nice to be able to breath through my nose again.

Anyway, because I have an infection I have to completely stop taking my immunosuppressant drugs that help with my pain.  Now I am in so much pain I can hardly walk.  I´ve been spending a lot of time in bed and reading when I can.  I can´t wait until this infection is gone and I can start taking my meds again.  I´m really grateful for a friend who recommended lidocane pain patches.  I don´t do the shopping anymore so I didn´t even know they existed.  One of my husband´s coworkers told him about Tiger Balm and he saw they had patches too.  I can only use one lidocane patch at a time so I currently have a lidocane patch on one hip and a tiger Balm patch on the other.  I actually think the Tiger balm patch side feels better.  Thank goodness my shoulders are not hurting so bad today or I´d be covered in patches.

I just keep thinking of that line kids used to write when they signed my yearbooks - Keep on Keeping on.  That is what I´m doing.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Penpaling!

I recently got into penpaling. I know someone that was doing that but I was a little leery at first. I mean, it is a bit awkward writing to people you don't know and I imagined getting people who weren't anything like me. It is hard to write someone that is not your age or into similar things. It is also a bit nerve-wracking putting your address out there to strangers. Well, I found a website called Letter of the Month and for the month of February they send out mail every day the post goes out (so 24 days in Feb). I missed it this year since it was already May but there are people that send mail all year, just maybe not daily. I filled out my bio and posted in the forum and right away got 4 friends. I was thrilled to see they were all people that have things in common with me. Two of them have already become really good friends and the other two I just haven't heard from as much because they are in the UK and mail to them is slower. I love getting mail from all of them.

I got my first postcard today and I love it. This person was so thoughtful. I had mentioned that I like to read and learn about the Titanic and she sent a postcard from Ireland where the Titanic was made.  She actually lives somewhere else in the UK but visited Ireland.  She said she has also been to Florida to a Titanic exhibit there several times.  I haven't been to anything in Florida but I went to a Titanic exhibit in Vegas at the Luxor where they have the section of wall and several items from the Titanic on display.  I have read several books about the Titanic and it is very sad but I don't think it should be forgotten.  Did you know there were First class dogs that made it on to the lifeboats before the 3rd class passengers were released?  I think that is horrible.

Anyway, I am slowly accumulating goodies for writing.  I am also practicing writing Spanish.  I hope to find a Spanish speaking/writing person that I can write to.  I am learning Spanish on my own at home and I am a beginner. I am using duolingo and a textbook and workbook I got on Amazon called Destinos.  I think writing to someone in Spanish will help me to learn.  There are so many words I don't know but I can figure it out using my computer.



Friday, April 21, 2017

Review: Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence

Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence by Michelle Mackintosh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am in love with this book. I love the look and feel of the cover which made me swoon when it arrived in the mail. It is full of fun ideas and wonderful pictures. Many pages sport pictures of brightly decorated envelopes and cards for inspiration and also include quotes and even real letters from famous people of the past. You don't just read about her ideas but you see them before you. There are also tutorials for how to make handmade paper and other crafty things to mail. There are recipes for cookies to add to care packages and there are even templates for envelopes and stickers on the last few pages. This book is definitely one I'll be keeping in my permanent library. I'm glad I picked it up and brought it home.

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