Thursday, November 19, 2015

Long time no post

I know I haven't been posting and I'm not sure why.  I just haven't though of it.  I haven't been watching Bones either so haven't been looking up music from the show.  If I were I'm sure I would have been posting about that.  I haven't been watching any TV shows really.  I'm just not into it.

I've been keeping myself busy reading this year.  Ever since I saw the Rheumatologist in Jan and started taking Plaquenil I started feeling better and sleeping more.  Sometime in March I started to feel more clear-headed and decided to read a book.  Usually I can't focus on anything and keep reading the same line over and over.  Anyway, I started reading and never stopped.  I've read 38 books so far and have stacks more ready to go. 

Even though I had big plans for my garden this summer I had too many days where I was in pain or so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed so my garden was a fail.  I did enjoy my perennial flower beds though.  I started a bunch of flowers from seed and then I set them outside to start hardening them off and then fell asleep for a long time.  I ended up being stuck in bed for 3 days or so and just couldn't move my body.  I think it was a reaction to the new drug.  I had to cut back on it and increase slowly. Several of my seedlings died so that was a bummer.  I did enjoy the ones I got planted though.  I love the bright blue Royal Ensign Morning Glories.  I was just bummed that they are not the climbing variety.  I always plant morning glories of some type in a planter at the front of my porch and there is some lattis for them to climb up on.  I just had to loop the vines in the lattice here and there and I missed those curly tendrils.  I also planted some deep purple carnations and actually got one to bloom.  It was a really strange summer that was unusually hot and dry for the first half.  We had some nasty fires so even though the weather was nice we stayed inside to keep out of the smoke.  Then it started raining and didn't stop...  making up for lost time I guess.  My lilies didn't do as well this year. I had a lot less blooms than usual and my bleeding heart barely bloomed at all.  I hope next year is better.  

I've been busy keeping up with my freshwater fish tank too.  I bought 5 painted variatus platies and didn't expect them to have billions of babies.  Now I have to figure what to do with them all.  My fish tank is getting too full.  I guess I'll have to take some to the fish store for adoption although it is so hard to part with the cute little guys.  They said they love to take the babies.  Hopefully I can get there there without them freezing.  It's cold.  brrr.