Monday, October 20, 2014

Bones and some of the music I loved from the first season

I don't watch very much TV and usually when I do it has something to do with music.  I like to watch American Idol & The Voice.  I also like mysteries and Crime/law type shows but I usually do more reading in that genre than watching TV.  My husband is a HUGE TV watcher and I think he will watch anything.  I just can't do it.  There has been a few times when I found something I really liked and stayed up all night watching a whole season or 3 but for the most part I never even turn it on.  I listen to music and crochet.

Sometimes though, when I'm laying on my side trying to go to sleep while someone is being shot or maimed on Netflix, I'll end up hearing a song I like from the show he is watching.  I always try my hardest to remember so I can look it up later.  Every once and a while he watches something good like Bones.  He is way ahead of me and I couldn't remember all the shows I watched so I started back at the beginning.  Anyway, I noticed I was hearing a lot of music I really liked and sometimes I actually had to get up and write it down because I didn't want to risk totally forgetting about it.  Here are some of them.

From the Pilot Episode
Of course I already had this song.
I can't leave out this one even though I already posted about it last time.
I bought this whole album.
This is a good song that I already had - from Episode 2.  
From Episode 5
There was a lot of music in Episode 6 but mostly rap which I can't stand. This was the only decent one.  I mostly like the music and the soothing voice.

Episode 9 had Christmas songs and it is just a little early for that. I think I already have them in my itunes or own the CD too so they were not bad. I'm still in denial about the snow that is on the ground outside so I'll wait on those Christmas songs. 

 Goldfrapp from episode 10: I've always liked this song for some reason.  I actually think my friend Rebekah has that same outfit.  
This sad song is from Episode 12.  I'm glad to know that I'm not on my own.
This song from episode 13 makes me which I knew Spanish.
Episode 14 had some great songs that I already loved.

And this song I'd never heard before.

Episode 16: This was the best song from the season and the one I had to get out of bed to go download. 
Episode 17: This is a song that really touched my heart. This is how I feel every day dealing with Fibromyalgia and all the other problems that go along with it.  It is sad without being hopeless.  I am not hopeless.  As long as I have God I have hope.
  "Strange how hard it rains now, rows and rows of big dark clouds.  But I'm holding on underneath this shroud.  Rain, rain, rain"
"I'm still alive underneath this shroud"
Here is another one that I liked from Episode 18  
Whistles the wind, blowing my way 
Sweeping me back, back here to stay 
Can winners be losers running on the same track? 
Some head for glory, others refresh 

 Well it breaks my heart to see you this way 
The beauty in life, where's it gone? 
And somebody told me, you were doing okay 
Somehow I guess they were wrong 

 My isolation, now there's a sobering thought 
A minute alone, a lifetime too long 
See the face in this mirror, so pale it could crack 
Desperately wanting the color it lacks

 So you drank with the lost souls for too many years 
Time to be right cause they'll cripple with fear 
Never been righteous, though seldom we're wrong 
Life's only life with you in this song 

 Now there's an ocean between us 
Where I am and where I want to be 
So you prayers in doubt, doubt not for me 

 Oh you'll find your way out, but there's no going now 
Every woman and child drags you down for the dive 
It's not safe being free, can't give back what you feel 
You said you'll always be in heaven with me

From Episode 20 

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