Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I'm feeling better today

I had a rough day yesterday with this new pain on my outer left thigh and couldn't focus enough to read or even follow a TV show.  This is why I love the internet and I can try to figure out what is wrong myself if possible.  I know a lot of doctors don't like that but if I can help myself than I just don't care.  I looked up all the causes of thigh pain and then went to images.  I clicked on the graphics that showed where the pain was located and then went to read the info on that site. I read and eliminated some other causes and the decided it was probably something called Meralgia paresthetica.  I read that one of the causes is being overweight and that is certainly true for me.  I know I need to lose weight and I'm currently on a diet.  Anyway, I also read that one of the treatments is Gabapentin and I have that. I only take it right before going to bed because it makes me fall to sleep.  I took it and it did work!  I was actually able to watch a full TV show before falling asleep and I woke up feeling great this morning around 5 am.  Lyrica is also used to treat it.  Today I found a website that has some stretches that help so I'm going to start doing those and continue to diet and lose weight.

It also helps that I've found some support in an online group called MyFibroTeam. I am so glad I took the time to check it out because it really helps to talk to someone that really understands what you are dealing with. People who don't have fibromyalgia may try to understand but they usually don't really get it and say things that can be hurtful even if they don't mean to. I'm so grateful for my fibro team of friends who are so ready and willing to rally behind me when I need them.

I plan on making the best of the day while I am feeling better without pushing myself too far and causing a flare up. I want to clean in the fridge and I'll make sure and have my son pull out the drawers for me and put them back. I also have a simple cross stitch kit I want to work on. I enjoy working on cross stitch during the holidays for some reason. I only started doing it last year when I did a few Christmas kits. I bought some more larger projects to work on but I was more interested in knitting and crochet until now.

The kit I'm working on is a simple chalk board look design so it is white stitches on black fabric and it says "share joy" and has a butterfly and some scroll designs. It is a 4x6" design that comes with a pretty white frame. It is a kit by Design Works and I got it for a great price on ebay. I am going to make this for my newest sister in law who's name is JOY!  I thought it would be funny to have that in her office where it can have a double meaning. Share joy with everyone you meet but also please be patient and share this lady because she's really busy. I love it.

Okay, I'm going to go get started on something and not waist my day sitting on the couch parked on the computer.  I hope everyone has a good day and if you have pain of any kind I pray you find relief.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy birthday to me - I don't count zeros

Currently reading: Secret in the Stitches (Patchwork #8)

My birthday was Sunday.  I wasn't feeling well so I spent the day watching NCIS, reading or sleeping.  My husband got called into work and was gone all day but when he came home he brought me some pretty pink roses and a yummy salad.  He'd asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner and I told him I wanted a salad from the deli salad bar so that's what he did.  I was sleeping when he came in so he but the roses in a vase for me and put them by my bed.  He had planned on getting me a gift at the store but since he worked so long he decided to wait.  He didn't want to rush and get something I might not like.  He said if I felt good enough next weekend I can go with him shopping and pick something out.  I don't really want anything right now.  I just want to rest. I really wish I could get in to see the doctor that does Myofascial Release because my shoulders are hurting so bad. I know she can fix it but I couldn't get in soon enough.

Hmm, I'm 4.5 years old now so maybe I should tell him I want a big lollipop and a teddy bear.  Really though, I'm thinking I want new rocks in my fish tank.  I've been thinking it would look really cool with black rocks.  The rocks I have are green and I have this big castle.  The green rocks get dirty looking (probably algae on them) and it looks gross.  I think black would look neat with the castle and I saw this dragon on Amazon I am thinking about getting.  The dragon is also a cave for the fish.  The inside of the castle is a huge cave but my plecostomus doesn't like to share that space. The last time I cleaned my tank I took out all the fake plants and soaked them to clean them and never put them back because I like how clean it looks now.  Maybe I'll put a few back in but not many.  Whenever I'm in a lot of pain I lay on the couch and watch my fish.  That is why my husband bought it.  My bala shark, Sidney, is about 9" long and my pleco, Raymond, is a few inches longer than that.  I love to watch those guys.  I only have 4 other fish now in my 55 gal tank because the other's have died.  It has been a long time since I've bought any new fish.  I should get some colorful fish to watch.  I've got lots of room.

One of my favorite fish is rarely seen.  He's an upside-down catfish and he likes to hide in the open areas in the very top of the castle, the inside of the pointy roofs.  His name is Waldo for obvious reasons.  I also have Squidly, a cory catfish who is white with black polka-dots and the last two fish don't have names.  I have a black skirt tetra and a pristella tetra.  All of my fish are either black, black and white or black & silver or almost transparent silver.  Well, except Waldo who is mottled browns. I think maybe, since I seem to be going blind now that I should get some fish I can see better.

Okay, I think it's time to eat some Thanksgiving left overs.