Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Temperature Scarf and the end of Bones Season 3

I just finished watching the last couple episodes of Bones Season 3.  Somehow, I think I missed watching those two episodes before.  I vaguely remember something happening and I couldn't watch the show where Booth got shot by the crazy stalker lady.  I remember telling my husband not to tell me anything because I was going to watch it later and then somehow I forgot about it.  There were some good older songs used in that episode (Episode 14) but sang by different people as bad karaoke. The surprising thing was the guy that sang Far Away (Nickleback) was Ace Young from American Idol Season 5.  He was pretty good and I liked him singing that song much better than the songs he sang on American Idol.  Also, the black man singing show tunes was Brandon Rogers from American Idol season 6.  He is the one that got too into the groove and missed some lyrics.  I really love his voice. Here he is on Ellen Degeneres right after being eliminated.  He starts singing at 2:36

From Episode 15 - Bad Luck by Social Distortion

I certainly don't need any Bad Luck.  I haven't been feeling so hot but hopefully catching up on some rest will help.  I've been working on my temperature scarf and just finished the month of October.  I got the idea from a blog post I read a few years ago.  I was going to link to it but it is gone now. Anyway, the idea is you figure out the range of possible temperatures for your area and divide it between colors of yarn you choose.  You choose how many and the colors can be whatever you want. Each day you check the temperature and work one row in the color for that temperature.  Son #1 helped me pick out the colors.  There are 12 different colors including black which will just be used to divide each month. We arranged the balls of yarn in a line to make a rainbow that would go from coldest temperatures to warmest and then he made a chart for me.

I was going to start with Jan 1st and do the whole year but my OCD tendencies kicked in and some things were bugging me. First of all that would be starting in the middle of the winter and the second thing was that temperature can fluctuate a lot during the day and night and varies between sources too. Do I use the temperature from noon or night or use the days high, low or mien temp? Anyway, to keep this on the shorter side I decided to use the Almanac website which will allow you to put in your zip code and look at past temperatures for your area.  Since this is a project I started with my son I asked him about the other questions.  We decided to start Aug 1st, 2014 because that is pretty much considered to be the beginning of fall for this area.  We decided to use the low temps during the cold months (Aug - March) and then switch to the high temps for the warmer months (April - July) to show the extremes in temperatures we get here.  We are calling it "Alaskan Extremes"

I am just doing 22 stitches of single crochet using a size G hook (4mm). I started with two rows of black and I'll be adding two rows of black between each month.  After I'm finished I'll add an edge in black all the way around.  My son helped me figure out that my scarf should end up being about 7 feet long.  It is a good idea to think about that before you get started.  I was originally going to crochet two rows for each day and adding 4 rows of black between each month and it would have been way too long.  Dr. Who would have been envious.

Below you can see a bad picture of the whole thing to this point.  We will definitely choose better colors next time.  We were limited to the colors the store had in stock at the time so it was hard to pick good colors to go together.  We definitely have too much green for this part of the scarf.  It looks like a military scarf.  Oh well, ya live and learn.

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