Saturday, November 22, 2014

Music from Bones Season 4

I haven't been feeling well for a while so I've been spending a lot of days in bed and watching Bones season 4.  I really love this show and all the good music they use.  Many of the great songs they use don't get full play.  They sometimes just use it in the background or just play a few seconds of the music with no singing for effect.  Of course, I have learned that some of the music they use isn't good any other way.  I like to collect the songs I liked here and then come back and listen to them again. This isn't an all inclusive list.  If I don't like it (or if it isn't new to me) I don't include it.  The music that really captures me will get purchased and downloaded or in some cases I have to search for the actual CD and order it and then WAIT for the mail.  That seems so archaic these days.

I loved this song from Episode 1 although the OooooOooooo's get on my nerves

With the graceful and grotesque the morning rings
Hear the garbage truck roll by
Hear the birds begin to sing
Their song of love and praise
And may their happy sound
Be strong enough to raise
Our spirits off the ground
Or love don't stand a ghost of a chance

I'm on the trail of a storm and everywhere I look
Appear the ones that life has torn
Like pages from a book
Left to soldier on
No shoulder for to lean I'd be lost without a song
But if your love wasn't there for me
I just wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance

From where I sit
There's too many eyes crying tears
Too many lives living in fear
Wondering where their sweet dreams have all gone
Too many hands stirring the pot In a land of haves and have-nots All wondering why it's all gone wrong

Now as the ballet and burlesque commence to play
Give to me the strength to act
And not look the other way
For there's a war outside
Can't take it lying down
Got to look it in the eye
We've got to stand our ground
Or love don't stand a ghost of a chance
Love don't stand a ghost of a chance

Lyrics from

This song really makes me think of myself living with Fibromyalgia.  It really does feel like "everything is slipping away" and I am always "just trying to stay on the ground."

From Episode 4

From Episode 5

I have never heard of Katie Gray before but I love her beautiful voice.  I will definitely be looking up more music by her.  I also love the Eastern Indian sound. The way they sing and the rhythms are so enticing to me.

From Episode 7

From Episode 8

From Episode 9

Maybe I'm just cranky but I really don't like the way she sings "what am I supposed to do-oooo-oo with you"  but other than that it isn't as bad song.  Too bad that is such a huge but.

From Episode 11

This is another artist that I'll be looking into.  I have already found more music by him that I like.  There is a song called Let it Rain that I really love.

From Episode 12

From Episode 14

From Episode 17

From Episode 18

From Episode 20

From Episode 24

From Episode 25

This song was interesting.  On the show Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) and his band "Gormagon" performed this song and I was thinking how cool it was that he was actually singing.  In the credits it said the song was by the Dayplayers, a band from Los Angeles, California, but I was sure that was the voice of the actor.  It turns out that John aka Sweets sings and plays the piano and other things for the band Dayplayers.  It seems they are not well known so I didn't find much about them but here is their self-titled EP released in Feb 2012 and a song called See it All that was released in Oct 2012,  It is pretty good stuff.

Now I'm going to snuggle back in bed and watch Season 5

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