Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I almost hate to say it...

.......but I think I actually feel better starting this evening.  I just made a stirfry for me and my older son.  I have been feeling like doing more and that is really nice.  I am thinking I might make the m&m cookies my older son requested.

Oh, and here is a good spot to report on that new recipe I tried in the previous post.  I liked the "Corners" but no one else in my family would even try them.  They are all very picky.  My husband just said "I don't eat corn" and both my boys are very weird about trying new things, especially when there are multiple things mixed together.  They don't like their food to touch on the plate still and my youngest just turned 18 in January.  Anyway, I had mine with some white sausage gravy and then in the morning I had some more for breakfast.  I gave the last few to my dog Blue who loved them.  I probably won't make them again just because my family is so weird, unless of course I just want some for myself.

Last night and today I've been working on my Household Binder.  I'm doing that as part of the 52 weeks to an organized home challenge.  I had quickly put one together but I just found a website that has a bunch of free printables for putting together a very nice binder.  Check out Laura's Crafty Life so you can make your own binder to keep your home organized.  I just printed out the sections that I would use.  My husband takes care of the finances and he has everything planned out in an excel spread sheet but Laura does have some great printables for finances.  She also has some nice chore charts for kids.

One thing I didn't expect to find useful for me was pages for contacts like an address book.  I passed that one up at first but found myself going back to it.  I was thinking about how I'm always losing my address book. I like it because it has a pocket in the front and back for putting stamps and address labels but I swear that thing is like a chameleon and seems to walk away.  Sometimes all I need is a stamp and they are in that book.  So, I decided to get rid of that address book and print off the contacts page front and back about 20 times.  Now all I have to do is copy my address over and add a divider with a pocket for my stamps and stuff.

After I got those things all printed up and put into a binder I added the inventory and other printables from the organizing challenge site. I also put our take-out and delivery menus in there and the diagrams for fixing the dishwasher. It is shaping up to be a very useful tool for my family.  I just need to fill in the numbers for police and fire department etc to the emergency contact list and fill out some other pages.  I didn't have any tabbed dividers so I just stuck the divider pages in page protectors and I'll use washi tape to make tabs I can write on.

I did finally finish that potholder.  I'll add a picture of it a little later.  I haven't taken one yet since my phone is totally dead.  I really like it and I'm thinking I want to make another one and leave it open for my gel ice packs.  I could just add a button closure to the other end.  I usually just use socks so it would be pretty cool to have something nicer.  The fabric is so soft and squishy.  I got the free pattern from Miss Abigail's Hope chest.

Now I'm working on crocheting some more of my pint-sized washcloths for my kitchen.  I decided I wanted some with a little dark red to go with my Tuscan themed kitchen.  Now that the area under my sink is all organized with my new organizers I bought online I have a nice spot to store my washcloths.  I'm using some peaches & cream in Hampton Twist so it has some cream with dark red and a small bit of yellow.

I better get going and get myself caught up with the 52 weeks challenge.  I got behind a little and it is bugging me.

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