Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Fever

The sun was out and shining beautifully today.  It is March in Fairbanks, Alaska so we will still have snow for a while.  I have definitely been bitten by the spring cleaning bug.  I decided I wanted to have more clear space in the living room so I had the boys haul off the old coffee table and an end table.  That really opened up some space and it looks nice.  There was another piece of furniture that we used to have below the front window but we moved it at Christmas time to put the tree there. Now I don't want it to come back.

My front window is about 8 feet long all together with a picture window in the center and two smaller windows that open up on each end.  I got out the windex and cleaned the windows, sill and all the surrounding white framework.  I vacuumed the screens and then couldn't get them back in right. Grrrrr.  Those things have never fit right.  Anyway, my steam was almost out but I got the vacuum hose and cleaned the heat register on that wall and any hiding spider webs and then I put my plants and a few plants stands over there.  It looks so nice with all that green and sunshine!

I can't wait until I get get outside and see some grass growing.  I really want to try planting some vegetables this summer.  I had a bad summer last year and couldn't do anything outside.  I never even touched my garden.  My front yard is planted with all perennials so I don't have to do anything much. The boys just cut the grass.  I have a garden bed for veggies in the back but I just haven't had the energy to plant anything.

I think the reason I've never had much luck with gardening before is because the seeds they sell here are often not the best for Alaska.  We have a short growing season but we get ALL SUN ALL SUMMER.  I've seen people grow huge cabbages and other veggies with all the sun we get but I've never had much luck.  I usually buy starter plants from the chain stores when I get groceries but I bet they were designed for places with longer growing seasons.  I love to start from seeds but it is the same with the seeds too.  I always hoped I could get them to produce by starting early indoors.  I need to go to a local greenhouse to get my stuff this year.

I planted a moon flower one year and it never bloomed because it never gets dark here. That was an experiment. I have always planted sunflowers and have never gotten one bloom.  It just never gets dark enough in the summer. Anyway, I've been watching a lot of youtube videos on gardening and I've learned a few things that I really want to try.  I think I'm going to pick just a few things to grow and concentrate and those this summer.  I always like to plant mixed leaf lettuce and they are easy.  I think I'll grow tomatoes, green beans and maybe peas.  Those shouldn't be too hard.

I have so many ideas of things I want to do outside.  I just hope I can feel good enough to do them.  I just have to take it easy and break everything down into small steps that I can do myself. I'll also have to have my husband and sons help me with some things.  It is frustrating to have to wait for someone to help me but it is better than hurting myself and being stuck in bed for a week after.

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