Monday, March 23, 2015

Bit by the garden bug

I've been dreaming of summer and gardening since February.  I have been watching youtube videos on gardening and dreaming of what I'm going to plant this summer.  Last summer was very nasty and rainy the entire season so I never planted the seeds I got.  When it is raining my fibromyalgia flairs up and I usually can't get out of bed.  I found the seeds I bought last year and I started some sage and some sunflowers.  I also spouted some apple seeds and some lemons from store bought fruit. Yesterday I had an avocado and you know I planted that sucker too.

I was looking at seed catalogs but I wasn't finding what I was looking for.  We have a very short season here in central Alaska.  I read online about Siberian tomatoes that are more hardy and only take 48 days but they weren't in the catalogs.  I found some on ebay last night and ordered some.

This year my goal is to try to plant less so I can focus on those things and maybe be able to handle the garden myself.  I want to plant peas and beans (which are pretty easy I think) and tomatoes, some loose leaf mixed lettuce and maybe carrots.  I've never had luck with carrots so I'd like to try again.

I also want to add some new things to my perennial garden.  My whole front yard is all perennials so even though I wasn't able to do anything in my garden last summer the flowers in front took care of themselves and looked great.  The lilies are amazing.

oh I just can't wait.

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