Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I go through these phases where I only want to do a certain thing.  I've been into crocheting for a long time and just wasn't interested in doing anything else.  I know how to knit and have a nice set of interchangeable knitting needles but I just couldn't get into it.  Then this last year I couldn't get into anything at all.  I didn't do anything with yarn except start something and then never go back to it.  I guess my thing last year was reading and whenever I was awake that was what I did.  I did pick up cross stitching at the end of the year and I definitely caught the bug but right now I don't really feel like doing that.  All of a sudden I'm interested in knitting again.  I wonder what causes this switching of interests like that.

It has been some years since I've knit anything now and I'm out of practice.  My knitting isn't very even so I'm been practicing a lot just making swatches.  My knitting isn't as even as it used to be.  Of course I want to tackle something difficult right away (because that's how I am).  I want to knit something with two colors.  It is a beautiful afghan made of about 35 blocks.  It's called the Nordic Afghan by (Mr.) Jody Long Knits.  It is beautiful in the red/white theme they made it in but I really want to make it in royal blue and white.  I've been watching youtube videos to learn helpful things and just practicing changing colors and trying to keep the tension even.  It is not so easy.  I did get half of the first block done and it was neat to see how my colors would look but I took it out because it wasn't very even.  I need to practice more and then try it again.

I've decided to try something a little easier to get some practice in.  There is a new pattern out by called the Deerfield V-neck Pullover.  I have some yarn I recently bought because I really love it so I'm going to use it to make this pullover.  Instead of the fuzzy yarn they used I'll use Caron's simply soft Party in Silver sparkle.  It isn't fuzzy at all and I think it will be cooler.  It is a light gray and has metallic strands in light pink, blue and gold I think.  Maybe silver too.  It is hard to tell in this light.

I do have a cold though and I've been making extra mistakes but that's okay.  It gives me something to focus on.  I'm still trying to get used to the new drug the doctor put me on and I've been so tired. I'm trying so hard to stay awake right now.  I might be losing the battle but I'll keep fighting as long as I can.


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