Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dear Life,

This is me, trying to get back to you.

I've been so out of it for so long and I'd like to feel normal again, or even just a little bit.  The long Alaskan winter has been hard for me but the sun has been shining more and more.  I've been opening the curtains and watching my plants green up and reach for the sun.

I didn't start any seeds this year.  I was just too tired and fighting some crud that kept coming back. I'll probably buy my plants this year.  I'll take it easy though and not take on too much so I can hopefully keep up with the watering better.

The last few weeks I've been so so tired.  I just have no energy at all.  I've been taking vitamins, especially vitamin D and trying to eat healthy even when I'm too tired to make something.  I need to get back to exercising again.  I stopped when I was sick.  I think I'm going to start doing 10 minutes each day on the stationary bike and then slowly increase so I don't over do it.  I know 10 minutes seems like nothing but it is a mountain when you feel like I do.

I haven't even been reading lately.  I want to but I just can't get into anything.  I even have some new books I got from  I love that site!  Jared also gave me a book he wants me to read.  He remembered a fantasy book I read that I liked and he is sure I'll like this one too.  It is Inkheart.  So I really should read that one first since he really wants to know what I think of it.

My mother in law sent me an adult coloring book for my birthday and I just started using it.  I got some crayola colored pencils and markers because I didn't want to use up my Prismacolor pencils in coloring books and then have nothing to draw with.  The crayola pencils are nice too.  I found that I enjoy coloring more than I expected and it is making me want to play with different colors.  I am so thinking of drawing some more.  I haven't done any real art is so long.

Oh and I'm crocheting a pretty baby dress for someone cute and it is taking me forever.  I'm close to done though and then I want to make some baby shoes to go with it and add something to make the dress just a little unique.

Okay, time to get up and move around.



  1. I saw your positive comments on a Haley Reinhart video, and looked up your name, and found all the fibromyalgia issues. I just hate this condition. I have several friends suffering from it. We have way too many health issues that need addressed, to be giving money away to foreign interests. I hope you find a way to successfully whip it. I am sure the cold makes it worse. I live in Southeast Texas, and the little bit of cold here, affects my friends.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I love Haley Reinhart. This post is almost a year old but things are still the same. I just have a few more meds added to my bucket. It is interesting to hear you mentioned your friends in TX being affected by Fibro also. My dad thinks I should move to GA where it is warmer because and that would fix all my problems. I stayed with him for a month in June and I had a lot of pain because it rained a lot. I've read articles talking about how it doesn't matter where you live, people acclimate and still have flare ups.


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