Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Penpaling!

I recently got into penpaling. I know someone that was doing that but I was a little leery at first. I mean, it is a bit awkward writing to people you don't know and I imagined getting people who weren't anything like me. It is hard to write someone that is not your age or into similar things. It is also a bit nerve-wracking putting your address out there to strangers. Well, I found a website called Letter of the Month and for the month of February they send out mail every day the post goes out (so 24 days in Feb). I missed it this year since it was already May but there are people that send mail all year, just maybe not daily. I filled out my bio and posted in the forum and right away got 4 friends. I was thrilled to see they were all people that have things in common with me. Two of them have already become really good friends and the other two I just haven't heard from as much because they are in the UK and mail to them is slower. I love getting mail from all of them.

I got my first postcard today and I love it. This person was so thoughtful. I had mentioned that I like to read and learn about the Titanic and she sent a postcard from Ireland where the Titanic was made.  She actually lives somewhere else in the UK but visited Ireland.  She said she has also been to Florida to a Titanic exhibit there several times.  I haven't been to anything in Florida but I went to a Titanic exhibit in Vegas at the Luxor where they have the section of wall and several items from the Titanic on display.  I have read several books about the Titanic and it is very sad but I don't think it should be forgotten.  Did you know there were First class dogs that made it on to the lifeboats before the 3rd class passengers were released?  I think that is horrible.

Anyway, I am slowly accumulating goodies for writing.  I am also practicing writing Spanish.  I hope to find a Spanish speaking/writing person that I can write to.  I am learning Spanish on my own at home and I am a beginner. I am using duolingo and a textbook and workbook I got on Amazon called Destinos.  I think writing to someone in Spanish will help me to learn.  There are so many words I don't know but I can figure it out using my computer.



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