Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crisis averted

So a few days ago I turned on my computer and noticed it was running really slow.  It had been doing that for a while and I deleted a few things to see if it helped.  I restarted and after just a few minutes I got this blue screen of death.  The windows 8 version of the blue screen of death even has a frownie face like this ---> ; (  So did I.    My husband was leaving for work when it happened so he saw it but he had to go.  He works in IT so I was so sad to see him go.  Anyway, my computer restarted and after about a minute it crashed again and wouldn't turn back on.  This was early in the morning so I had all day to find things to do.

I thought for a while and thought oh!  I'll read my book.  Oh darn, it's an ebook on my computer.

Next thought, OH!  I'll crochet that thing I was thinking of making.  Oh darn, the pattern is on my computer.

Hmmm, I should check my email.  DARN!

Oh, I know!  I'll bake a cake.  I just need to search  DARN IT!

Okay, I'll write a letter to my aunt.  What's her address?  UGH!

(a few hours later) I wonder if it is possible to sneeze while sleeping?  I should google that....   darn.

Maybe I'll make that DIY cleaning solution I saw on pinterest.  wahhhH!

I could work on my scrapbook...... but all my pictures are digital still.  *sniffle*

Maybe I'll go for a walk.  Wonder what the temperature is...... feels like hell froze over degrees. *bang head on door*

(Finally husband comes home..... and then he takes a nap)  I perch on the edge of his pillow until he moves.  He was not looking forward to coming home and working again.

He finally takes my computer and tells me to "go away."  I felt hurt for a minute but decided if that is what it takes to get him to work on it than fine.  I'll just go and... um.... read a cereal box.

Then I got to thinking...  What is he doing?  What about all my PICTURES?  They are not copied anywhere else.  Pictures going way back.  Pictures of my kids when they were little and still cute.  I need those memories because now they are big, hairy men.  Why didn't I back them up somewhere?

What about all my patterns?  The knitting patterns, the crochet patterns, the patterns that are no longer available.  The patterns I paid for?  The digital copies of crochet and knitting magazines? Why oh why didn't I back them up???

I even had a similar scare before.... a few times even.  There was the one time my little acer netbook screen started drawing these pretty rainbow stripes.  It was so pretty but it was like when your mama says if you keep making that face it will stay that way.  That screen stayed that way and my little netbook was nothing but a paper weight. My husband tore that little thing apart like cookie monster eating a cookie.  I was so sad to see my cute little computer being destroyed. But then I saw the result.  He took the hard drive out and put it in this case thingy.  All my files were fine and now I have this cool thing that I can use for backing up my files.  Doh!  Should'a done it!

There was another time that didn't work out so great.  We used to have media center on our main computer/TV but it was old and not working very well.  On that we had a shared drive where all the music was stored.  I had a folder of some pictures, genealogy pictures and files, and pictures!, patterns, etc.  When he got rid of the media center my husband moved that drive to Son #2's new computer.  Well, that drive started failing and he just closed the pop up every time.  He didn't understand what it meant except that it was interrupting his game.  He said he mentioned it one time but I think we were half asleep or something.  One day my music disappeared and my husband investigated.  He was able to pull some of the stuff off of it but not all.  We were able to re-download all the music from itunes so that was okay and most of the rest was copied from discs we  had stuffed in a box somewhere.  But, I know some things were lost and that is depressing.

So guess what I need to do now.  I need to BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I need to figure out how to live without the internet.

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