Monday, January 30, 2017

My Creative Bible

I'm still sick and pretty much sleeping all the time but today was a big mail day for me so I couldn't wait to share. Everything I've ordered recently decided to come at the same time. Three books I requested from came today and I got two packages from Amazon which included my new My Creative Bible.  It is a KJV and has space on the sides for notations or doodling and designs for coloring that goes with the text. I love it! I had a really hard time choosing which one to get since I couldn't see them in person. There are several to choose from. There is a pretty hardcovered aqua one that I loved too and I've been really drawn to that color recently so it was a really hard decision. There is also a very pretty silken flex cover one that has a beautiful floral cover too.  I believe these all have the same pages inside. I decided to get the pink, hardback cover and it is perfect. I love the embossed designs on the cover, especially the butterflies. The page edges also have a beautiful floral design. It has a matching elastic band to keep it closed and a matching satin ribbon bookmark. Then, of course, there are different Bibles for the different versions. These are just all the KJV bibles I was looking at.  There is a pretty aqua Inspire NLT version that has pretty butterflies on the page edges. That one has different artwork but it is very similar.

I love the verse on the back from Isaiah, 
"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of

our God shall stand for ever." 
Isaiah 40:8 

I just keep petting it. The cover feels so nice in my hands.  It will probably take a long time before I can write or color in it. I am just going to use colored pencils in it. I have some nice Prismacolor pencils. I read reviews from other people that got this bible that said the markers and highlighters they got showed through on the other side. They said they didn't bleed through and leave marks on the page underneath but you could definitely see it intruding on the image on the back of that page. I'd rather play it safe because I'm sure I'll have this forever now.

There are several illustrations throughout like this and some are in the really light gray text meant to be drawn over and then colored in. Other pages just have lines for note taking or for drawing your own word art. I'm not very good at word art so I'll just be coloring the images printed on the pages and using the lined sections for actual notes (unless I get inspired!) I've seen some very impressive artwork people have done in these and I wish I was so creative. Many people even draw right over the text covering both pages so the words can be read through the artwork. It might make those pages hard to read but this is a creative journaling bible and they have another bible for study. The idea is that the artwork is inspired by the passage.

I also got another Titanic book because I have an obsession.  I got A Night To Remember by Walter Lord. This book is hardback and looks brand new. I still can't believe I got such a nice book on That site is for swapping used paperback books but you can also find hardback books. They are just valued the same as a paperback. That site works by giving you credits for books you send out to people. You pay the postage to send the book and then you get a credit which can be used to request a book you want. The sender always pays the postage. So it is more beneficial to send lighter books but the books are either sent by media mail or first class if it is light enough. They have a nice system where you can print out a label on printer paper plus an extra page with information about the transaction and you then use both those pages to wrap the book. I use their printable postage which adds a barcode to the shipping label so I can just stick it in my mailbox and avoid the long lines at the post office. I wrap my books in plastic wrap before wrapping in the paper to protect from snow and rain and also use packaging tape to protect the edges and corners.

Okay, I'm going to go try to find a place on a shelf for my new books.


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