Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sick as a dog but reading

I hate being sick but I don't mind having easy days in bed with a good book. I just finished the third one so far. Now I've been bitten by the Titanic bug again. Maybe it was the recent news that they believe it was actually a fire that sank the ship instead of the ice berg. I was looking at a website I use a lot called and a book jumped out at me. It is a mystery book about the Titanic. I tried to resist because my goal this year is to focus on reading books I already have taking up my shelf space. I have so many books already and I really need to make room for the books in boxes in the garage. It was always there though and kept popping up in the corner of forum pages I was on. I finally gave in and ordered it. It's called Something's Alive on the Titanic by Robert Serling. It is on the way to me as we speak.

I also felt pulled to read a book about the Titanic that I have on my shelf but never got around to reading. It is called Ghosts of the Titanic by Charles Pellegrino. This is not a fiction book and looks really interesting. I've also requested A Night to Remember by Walter Lord.

I guess it is okay that I've just ordered 3 new (used) books, counting one I didn't mention since it is only 1/12th and I've already read 3 books and put them in my swap box. That means I only have to read and de-home 17 more books this year. I actually hope that number is a lot higher but I'm sure there will be some I'll want to keep.


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