Friday, October 31, 2014

Mops, Mice, and Bones

My computer mouse broke and it is driving me insane.  Trying to do things with the track pad on my laptop is so irritating.  I do have a touch screen so that helps some but I'm still out of my element.  I ordered a nifty new mouse but I have to wait for it to get here and I am not good at waiting.  Sometimes the darned thing will work for a little while.  If I get angry and throw it down on the floor I think it gets lonely after a while and feels bad for being so stupid.  It isn't working now though.  I think it is on a permanent strike but it will really feel bad when its replacement gets here ha! Until then I'll just have to deal with this darned trackpad, which is so irritating!  Whenever I try to use the trackpad to open my bookmark menus I allllllllmost get to the one I want and then it all just disappears for no good reason.  AAAARRRGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!

I did order a new mop as well.  I read this blog post about using natural cleaners to clean your home and she talked about how she mixes up a little vinegar mixed in water for moping her floor.  I love my Swiffer Wet Jet mop but I hate that I have to buy their refills for it.  One time I actually punched a hole in one of the bottles and had a rubber thing I used as a stopper but if it got knocked over it would leak and the hole wasn't really large enough to dump out what I didn't use.  I'm allergic to everything so I am always trying to avoid strong chemicals to clean with.  I like that the newer swiffer pads have the magic eraser stuff on the pads and it cleans better with less soap but I hate that they are disposable.  I try to avoid contributing to the landfills as much as possible.  Well, on that blog post she adds her vinegar mixture to this mop from O-Cedar.  It is just like the Swiffer Wet Jet mop only you can fill the bottle up with your own cleaner AND it has a reusable microfiber cover that you can wash.  I am sure I will be able to find someone else to take my Swiffer.

So last night I finished watching the end of the second season of Bones (again).  This song by Poco was on Episode 18.  I hate it when there are blaring mistakes in a show I love.  I remember this one episode from season 1 where they dug up this soldier who I believe was also a well known basket ball player.  When it showed them examining the body it didn't look like a body that had been buried for a year..... or a soldier/basket ball player.  It was a tubby white guy.  I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be so "white" if he had been buried for a year already.  Anyway, on episode 18 (season 2) Bones had secretly speed-dialed Booth when her felon father showed up with cookies for her.  So he was listening in when her father talked about "the trying song" and sang her a little bit (which was pretty sweet).  Then at the end of the show when Bones is telling Booth about the song it is like he was clueless about it or why she brought it up. I guess they forgot he was on the line.


Here are a few more songs I liked.

From Episode 19

From Episode 20

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