Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My quick and easy baking trick

So as I mentioned in my last post I came up with a quick trick for saving the crust of my quiche from getting too burned.

I remember when I was younger watching my mom make a pumpkin pie for a church potluck.  I watched as she painstakingly took a long strip of aluminum foil and tacked it around the pie with toothpicks.  Of course, whenever I have tried this it always fell off.  As I watched the crust of my quiche getting too toasty I was debating on whether I should try it again when I got this idea.  It worked perfectly and only took me about a minute.  Really.

I pulled off a sheet of aluminum foil and put one of my dinner plates on it upside-down.  My plates are 11 inches in diameter and I'm sure that is a pretty standard size.  My pie plates are 9 inches.  You can go around it with an ink pen to make things easier but you don't have to.  The ink doesn't matter: it is the impression it makes. Then you hold the plate down while you pull the foil up and tear it off around the plate edge.

The first time I did this I didn't use a pen and it still worked fine but when I took these pictures I used the pen and it was faster and the foil tore more evenly.

Then you fold it in half and just guestimate and cut a half circle from the center like this.  I drew a dashed line with a sharpie just to show you were I cut.  You don't really need to draw a line.  If your pie is 9" figure about 2.5 inches in from the edge (if your plates are 11 inch).  Just eyeball it and cut. You can do it!

Then I just used my fingers to bend the edge down about half an inch from the edge.

It should sit right over your pie easy as you know what lol

My pie plates are all clear Pyrex.  I swear that foil isn't just sitting there on the counter.  This ring easily sits on so you can drop it on when you need to.  I'll use this one soon I'm sure since my husband is really liking the quiche.

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