Thursday, October 23, 2014

Distraction Tactic

I'm trying not to worry about my dog Blue so I'm went back to watching Season 2 of Bones and listening for more good music.  This series has a lot of music that I love and have never heard of before.

This song was on Episode 3 and it really tied in well with the story line. Well, at least some of the phrases did.  It is about a young girl who is a foster child, her boyfriend from a well-off family is found dead and people are quick to blame her because she is in the foster system.  Of course one common phase used when talking about foster children is "fell through the cracks" and this song uses the line "I fell through the cracks at the end of our street."  I especially like how Temperance connects with foster kids.  It may not be as cut and dry as they make it seem but it still gives me more perspective than I had before.

I've heard this song before by Sarah McLachlan and she is actually featured on this track.  Listen closely and you can hear her singing harmony.  I really like this version better.  It is so tender.

Bring On The Wonder by Susan Enan 


Episode 4 used a very small portion of this song at the very end.  I'm glad I looked it up so I could hear the whole thing.  Brennan shot and killed a serial killer that was attacking Booth and even though she knows she did the right thing it still bothers her that she took a life.  She killed someone and that matters.  That is one thing I really like about this show.  It may be all about death but it is about justice and finding the truth, even if that isn't the easiest thing.  It isn't about revenge and senseless killing.

It don't matter to the sun by Rosie Thomas

This song is from Episode 7 and another one that they just used a small part at the end
Mona Lisa by Grant-Lee Phillips


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